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There is no average customer

We are your Loyalty, Prepaid Solutions and Revenue Generation Partner

We help your Brand monetize your Data by attracting, engaging and analyzing your customers

Our omnichannel loyalty and reward management infrastructure integrates seamlessly with your Brands’ in-store, online and application based checkouts turning customer behaviour data into a competetive edge


Know Your Customers and Enrich Your Data

Understand, Analyze, Engage  with your customers by tracking shopping behavior from all customer touchpoints, embedded with Customers Historical data on ExtraLoyal Platform


Consumer Centric


Process with Omni-channel ExtraLoyal Platform

Our holistic Loyalty Management Approach and infrastructure enables you  to target the right customer, at the right time with personalized offers at the moment of shopping 

Fast & Easy to Implement


Increase Profitable Sales and Return per Customer

Interpret the data driven insights to create relevant offers for your customers, suppliers, dealers and employees. Turn marketing spending into measurable returns

Business Accelerator

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