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Your Loyalty, Wallet and Revenue Generation Partner

Act on behaviour driven insights with our propriety Loyalty & Wallet Platform and Mobile Technologies 

There is no average customer

​Our solutions allow your business to grasp the full potential of your customers, build long lasting relationships and drive revenue growth real-time, all the time

Extra Loyalty is one of the few companies across the globe who can deliver end-to-end customised loyalty programmes by combining Data, Technology and Art


Helping You Build Lasting Shopper Relationships


Proactively act on customer behaviour by reaching your customer through their preferred channels with relevant offers, surprise gifts, priorities, discounts, cashback and much more

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Know Your Customers and Enrich Your Data

Understand, Analyse and Engage  with your customers by tracking shopping behaviour from all customer touch points with our Omni-Channel Platforms


Process with Omni-Channel Loyalty Platform

Our holistic Loyalty Approach and Technologies empower your business to target the right customer, at the right time with personalised offers


Increase Profitable Sales and ROC

Interpret data driven insights to create relevant offers for your customers,  merchants and employees. Turn marketing costs into measurable returns

Our Solutions
Our propriety Loyalty Platform and Mobile Technologies help businesses act on behaviour driven insights

Loyalty & Wallet Management Platform

Run multiple loyalty programmes for your Individual and Corporate Customers simultaneously using a single, robust platform

beExtra Community

Loyalty App

Sports Fan, Uni Students, Business Centre Tenants or Town Residents are now pleased to be recognised 



Go beyond traditional customer loyalty with Extra Loyalty customer touch points integrated campaign engine

ExtraBI & Reporting


We help marketers build a comprehensive understanding of their customers and monetise the data

beExtra Shopping

Upgrade your loyalty programme with beExtra Mobile Solutions for your multi-retailers campaigns 

ExtraTeam Employee & Merchant Incentive App

We keep your Employees and Merchants  excited and engaged with beExtraTeam App

beExtra Point of

Our multi-retailer integrated Mobile Solution for Financial Institutions and Retailers enables loyalty enabled infrastructure at POS

Loyalty Programmes Management Support

Extra Loyalty experts are ready to help by managing your day-to-day customer engagement and loyalty operations

Consulting Solutions

Build your own customised loyalty programme, understand your customers’ in-sights and take creative actions to transform your business using technology without losing the human touch!

  • Loyalty Concept & Strategy Design

  • Programme Health Check & Redesign

  • Data Cleaning, Unification & KYC

  • Architecture & Implementation Support

Extra Loyalty Solutions has extensive experience and successful track record of providing end to end Loyalty Infrastructure and Management Services with solid holistic approach.
We are very impressed  with their Project Management skills, in our case was extremely complex which required management and integration of over 16 Parties in -house and outsourced. 
We highly recommend any Company with B2C operations to work with Extra Loyalty Solutions to create their Loyalty Strategy and Customer Engagement Platform.
Önder Kaplancık, CTO - CarrefourSA, Turkey
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