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ExtraBI Analytics & Reporting

We help marketers build a comprehensive understanding of their customers, allowing them to monetize their data by improving targeting, relevance and attribution


Understanding the path-to-purchase, uncovering purchase intents early,  identifying causal effects of multi-channel behavior and managing ROC efficiently are key to success

ExtraBI Solutions is built on MS Power BI; an advanced analytical reporting tool for monitoring and optimising your loyalty programmes and marketing campaigns  

Extra BI provides business users with comprehensive insights on their customers. It is designed to cover the following customer insights: preferences, shopping patterns, historical behaviour, interests and campaign responsiveness

Make better business decisions on customer data. Gain a competitive edge

ExtraBI empowers business owners with operational knowledge of loyalty programmes including customer and store RFMs, reconciliations and settlements, points balance, liability reports, regional and shops, channels, sales teams, campaigns and promotions –local based efficiencies and impact of promotions on revenues

Blue Surface

Analyse . Decide . Do

Benefits for Businesses

ExtraBI Solution is integrated with Extra Loyalty & Wallet Management Platform – Switch-On and ExtraCampaign Engine

  • Online access to in-depth reports on your customers, shops and employees – supporting decision making

  • Increase customer responsiveness

  • More effective store management

  • Shopping recency and frequency increase

  • Loyalty Programme effectiveness and reliability increase

  • Cost-effective solution for data management

  • Extensive knowledge of customer and shop behavior

  • Accurate evaluation of campaigns and results, helping you make the right decisions

  • On point & business-relevant decisions


Key Features

A predefined set of reports and dashboards are ready to help you analyse the effectiveness of customers, shop network, sales teams, loyalty programmes and marketing campaigns

  • RFM scoring, segmentation and churn identification for customers

  • RFM scoring and segmentation for shop networks

  • An intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop user interface 

  • Many forms of strategic visualisations: graphs, indicators, maps and tables

  • A multi-source module allowing you to merge data from different sources

  • Ad-hoc functionalities enabling the creation of new data analysis in real-time

  • Collaborative and sharing features: comments, notifications, subscriptions and exports

  • Mobile access

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