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ExtraCampaign Engine

Reaching your clients at the right time, in the right place with precise offers 

Scalability of campaigns has never been easier

Our Campaign Engine solution is designed to help you create successful campaigns with ease and speed 

Proactively act on customer behaviour by reaching your customer through their preferred channels with relevant offers, surprise gifts, priorities, discounts, cashback and much more

Go beyond traditional customer loyalty with Extra Loyalty customer touch points integrated campaign engine. Define and implement campaigns not only for the whole receipt or the RFM data but also target specific categories, brands and even SKUs

Are you looking to,

  • Optimise the campaign process and automate the realisation of multi-channel activities

  • Automate campaigns through customer journeys based on past and current interactions thus, increase the CLTV

  • Increase the productivity of your marketing resources with an open and flexible architecture that allows for simple integration with multiple data sources

  • Build successful cross-channel campaigns and get affected less by price sensitivities

  • Monitor and measure your campaigns’ performance in real-time

  • Enable member-get-member campaigns and advertise your brand via customer recommendations

  • And name more...


Benefits for your Business

  • Easy steps for campaign planning in line with your customers needs & wants

  • Simple or complex multi-stage campaign building

  • A wide range of communication channels for customer engagement

  • Personalised campaign automation resulting in better sales

  • Close pursuit of and increase in customer satisfaction

  • Real-time campaign performance analysis

  • Monitor marketing budget and decrease costs in new customer acquisition

Blue Smoke




Stimulate sales.

Increase market share.

Avoid additional infrastructure investment.

Visit . Shop . Earn . Redeem


 7 steps to define your campaigns...

Reach your customers at the right time, with precise campaigns. Absolutely no restriction in scalability for campaigns


easy . fast . flexible 


Fast and Easy Campaign
Process Management

Manage the entire campaign acceptance process, track your campaigns' progress and define KPIs 

Fast and Easy Campaign Process Management

  • Set your campaigns’ priorities

  • Set your Marketing Calender

  • Automate start and end dates

  • Enjoy the many built-in campaign templates 

  • Track the history of changes made to your campaigns

  • Save your favorite designs

  • User management and approval process makes it easy from design to production

  • Allow your loyalty partners to help design campaigns

Target Right Customer via Omni-Channel 

  • Create personalised  and engaging customer experiences using: demographics, channel preferences,product preferences, past shopping experience, as well as previous responses

  • Build event-triggered time-based campaigns with recurring interactions

  • Utilise segments in cross-channel campaigns; also import, merge and filter new and existing target groups to deliver more personalised marketing experiences

  • Toggle between different channels; changing their timing and sequence


Target Right Customer

via Omni-Channel 

Easily prepare personalised campaigns and run over omni-channel


Track, Report and Analyze your Campaigns

Monitoring your campaign success is crutial to meet your Marketing KPIs

Track, Report and Analyze your Campaigns

  • Track communication key metrics in real-time (click-throughs, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.)

  • Deliver information about your campaigns' results in various formats and standards, (PDF, XLS, XLSX, and CSV)

  • Use built-in reports to  analyse message delivery and engagement data.

  • Share the reports with your team on an automated date

  • ExtraBI, integrated with our ExtraCampaign Engine provides you with advanced ad-hoc reporting and analytics dashboards, and built-in templates for effective analysis



Run Omni-Channel


Be fully compliant with GDPR and KYC regulations whilst engaging with your audience

Run the Omni-Channel Communication

  •  Onboarding design and implementation is fully compliant with regulations, customer preferences, attributes, consents, password policies, identifiers management, household restrictions and enrolment restrictions

  • Communicate with your audience with personalised mobile push notifications, sms or e-mails; our hassle free templates allow you to create engaging content easily

  • Combine different channels and schedule the publication of your messages to engage more customers with your campaign offers  

Be in control of your campaign budget
  • Assign marketing costs to headoffice, stores, franchisees or sponsors fully or partially

  • Compare the estimated and the actual costs of your marketing operations

  • Split your expenses among the cost centres and campaign stages

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