Your community goes Extra Mobile

Excite your community with innovative benefits to increase loyalty and engagement

If you run a Sports Fan Club Programme, a University Campus with thousands of students, a housing complex with hundreds of residents to please ​or a business centre then look no further

You can even be a small town looking for getting your community to enjoy the benefits at your local shops...


  • Your app is hosted on Cloud, so no need to worry about installation or on-site maintenance

  • Easy to use Content Management System

  • Choose one of the ready-made templates or create a customised version and pay for it as you go

  • Send personalised or mass communications via push, SMS or E-mail depending on member preferences

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys via your community mobile app in exchange for member bonus points redeemable at your shop

  • Enjoy your online reporting for all the activities with your members and develop your offers for better

Mobile solution for your community...


Your Community App is ready, just decide what you would like to offer...


Vertical Segments




Shopping Malls


Fan Clubs

Key Benefits

Onboarding & Member Management

  • Easy onboarding for members
  • Reward members for each interaction within the community, including shopping
  • Members can view their interaction and shopping history along with benefits they utilised in their App
  • Segmentation of Members according to their interactions, status and value to your Community


  • Retailers become your partners and promote their products and services with coupons, discounts, points, gift-checks and cashbacks via your Community Mobile App
  • Campaigns can be set for all members or just for selected Member Segments
  • Members can share retail campaigns and earn points
  • Members enjoys special day offers on birthdays, anniversaries etc.


  • Members can top-up their Community App Wallet, enjoying benefits and shopping in Member Retailers using their mobile phones
  • Earn cashback and points with partner retailers


  • Increase engangement in Community App with embedded Gamifications

Services & News

  • Your Community news is on target. Members can read your news in their App, get notified with push, sms and e-mail messaging
  • Members can book community services using their App. Services can include: hair dressers, taxies, dry cleaning, spa facilities and personal training

Gamify your Community App​

Increase your members’ involvement with Gamification; a great way of strengthening customer engagement as well as introducing an entirely new social aspect to your loyalty programmes

Gamification is much more than a straightforward loyalty solution, it’s a powerful tool for businesses seeking humanisation and innovation. Customer loyalty management has never been more exciting 

Smart Games with Budget Control

Easily control the budget to be spent for each campaign by Customer Segment.  ROC is calculated and then the number of enrolled customers can be controlled and limited to your preference


Manage your

reward budget