Your Employees & Merchants Go Extra Mobile

We keep your Employees and Merchants excited and engaged with ExtraTeam App everywhere, all the time


Our Incentive Management Programme and Mobile Solution help you reward the right people, at the right time for their KPI achievements

Businesses can focus on their customers whilst sales teams deliver business promises to customers.

Your teams serving customers are just as important as your customers. ExtraTeam allows businesses to take care of team engagement and loyalty

​Your ExtraTeam App is ready, just decide on your incentive schemes...

  • Your app is hosted on Cloud, so no need to worry about installation or on-site maintenace

  • Easy to use Content Management System

  • Choose one of the ready-made templates or create a customised version and pay for it as you go

  • Send personalised or mass communications via push, sms or e-mail depending on member preferences

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys via your app in exchange for Team Member bonus points

  • Track and compare the performance of your Teams according to their sales, stock and customer service levels with ExtraBI & Reporting


Key Benefits

Onboarding & Management of Employees and Merchants

  • Easy onboarding of your employees and merchants
  • Team members can view their sales performance and compare current status with their personal KPIs and targets
  • Employees and Merchants can be segmented according to region, sales size and Priority
  • Each user can see their assigned information with our advanced user management

Incentive Redemption & Campaigns

Team members;

  • Convert their incentive points to e-gift checks and redeem at partner retailers such as supermarkets, petrol stations, technology markets or book shops
  • Enjoy special incentives on birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Utilise addtional discounts and priorities from partner retailers

Incentive Schema

  • Incentives associated with merchant & sales teams hiyarachy is defined in the ExtraTeams programme
  • Team Members earn incentive points each time they register a product in their stock or make a sale
  • Sales teams earn points each time they sell and accumulate benefits according to their set KPI’s
  • Customers can also enjoy benefits each time they purchase a product from you such as extended guarantee

Stock & Sales Registration

  • ​Merchants can register their sales by scanning the QR codes on the products they have in stock
  • ExtraTeam App can also integrate with your ERP System and receive the stock data by merchant from your systems
  • Once a sale is performed, the system automatically receives the confirmation before assigning the incentive points to the team Member

News & Questionaires

  • Your Company News and Training Videos are accessible via the ExtraTeams App
  • Satisfaction and employee surveys are conducted with easy customisation of questionaires and lending pages

Games & Competitions

  • Increase engagement with the ExtraTeam App using embeded games
  • Design sales and customer engagement competitions

Gamify your ExtraTeam App​

Increase your members’ involvement with Gamification; a great way of strengthening customer engagement as well as introducing an entirely new social aspect to your loyalty programmes

Gamification is much more than a straightforward loyalty solution, it’s a powerful tool for businesses seeking humanisation and innovation. Customer loyalty management has never been more exciting 

Smart Games with Budget Control

Easily control the budget to be spent for each campaign by Customer Segment.  ROC is calculated and then the number of enrolled customers can be controlled and limited to your preference


Manage your

reward budget