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Consulting Services

Creating and running a loyalty programme is not just a marketing activity, it’s a company’s core business activity


Having a strong loyalty programme identifies you as a customer driven organisation, keeping your customers at the centre of all your business decisions

Build your very own customised loyalty programme, understand your customers’ in-sights and take creative actions to transform your business without losing the human touch!

We help our clients succeed by analysing customer-driven insights allowing us to identify opportunities.


We then design the omni-channel consumer journeys for loyalty & payments. Our clients are then able to deliver their promises by creating capabilities to optimise customer interactions at every touch point

Loyalty Concept & Strategy Design

Building a strong loyalty concept always starts with understanding your company’s overall strategies and alligning your core values with your customers’ journey

We develop customer journey maps to define your customers’ needs, wants and perceptions. Making sure to analyse customer interactions and communications at all customer touchpoints

We work closely with teams from all departments in the company to ensure the processes we develop for customer journey is flawless through out the organisation

We define possibilities, develop solution spaces and help you design the loyalty strategy that will help to elevate your business for your customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and stakeholders


Programme Health Check & Redesign


You may already have a loyalty programme that needs refreshing. Whether it’s minor adjustments or redesign, we can help

We love to dig deep and give you an assessment on existing programme strenghts and weaknesses. This assessment will result in  recommendations for  designing your new  loyalty programme

The redesign process involves:
Customer value proposition, communication, reward, payment and gift systems, employee rewarding, data management, programme management, gamification strategy for better engagement and mobile technologies


Data Cleaning, Unification & Consent


Every year transactional data increases. Companies value this data should they need to analyse it for multiple reasons

Most companies end up with millions of data lines and have no idea how to use them!

Is your customer data unique or you have duplicated registrations for the same customer?


How up to date is your database?


Do you have communication permissions? If this sounds familiar, we have a proposition for you

Let’s look into your data structures – clean and unify your data with our rules based tools and then proceed with targeted actions for your customers


Architecture & Implementation Support


Your architecture needs to support your loyalty strategy and customer journeys allowing you to stay on top of digitilisation and innovation

We can provide you with the best suited technial architecture that fits your needs and help you implement it successfully

Our project management teams understand each sectors’ sensitivities and work together

with your teams to implement your solution with ease and speed.


Our engineering teams then bring it to life!

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