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Switch-On Loyalty & Wallet

Management Platform

Turn customer behaviour data into a competitive edge for your Business

Switch-On by Extra Loyalty Solutions offers a 360˚ loyalty experience that best reflects your customers priorities. Customise, automate and incentivise with our omni-channel integrated platform

Helping You Build Lasting Shopper Relationships


Run multiple loyalty programmes for your Retail Customers, SME, Corporate Customers and for your Employees simultaneously using a single, robust platform

Our rule-based loyalty and wallet management platform Switch-On provides customer behaviour tracking from all transaction channels; embedding with data analytics to propose the right offer to the right customer at the right time and location

Personalised offer management enables upsell, cross sell, churn management and constant revenue generation

Serve 360º for all customer needs​​

Switch-On, Omni-channel Loyalty and Wallet Platform
  • ​Customer Centric Loyalty & Wallet Processing

  • Customer 360˚ Approach

  • Cloud Based or onPrem installation

  • Ready to use API’s for 3rd party integrations

  • Integrations with other Partner Loyalty Programmes or Financial Institutions

  • Data Analytics and Decision Support

  • ExtraCampaign and Fraud Detection Engine integrated

  • Custom Clubs and Subscriptions Management

  • Coalition Programme and Multi-Brand Partitioning

  • Loyalty enabled Pre-paid, Gift and Corporate Cards

  • Gamification

Blue Smoke

Priceless customer insights...

  • Seamless Onboarding Process

  • Flexible Campaign Mechanics

  • Personalised Offers

  • Direct Communication

  • Flawless Customer Experience

  • Data Management

End-to-End Loyalty & Wallet Management Platform

Customer 360º | Realtime Transaction Processing

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Consumer Focused.

Data Driven.



Technology as a Service...



Loyalty Program



Loyalty Program Customisation

Create and set your own rules for marketing activities and loyalty programmes.

With our solutions, you can set your business priorities and create personalised offers.

View all of your active campaigns via the Campaign Calendar. You can use the Campaign Calendar to set automatic initiation of your programmes  based on what you need at the time. The system is flexible and fully adaptive to your requirements.​



Omni-channel Customer Interaction

Omni-channel Customer Interaction

Stay connected with your customers at every stage of their loyalty programme participation.

Implement mass or individual messages (E-mail/SMS/POS/Push/mobile app/website) informing the members about your current offers.

Send surveys and collect feedback; constantly improve the quality of your loyalty programmes. We offer enhanced smart message editors to help you write engaging content.



Rewards and Prepaid Management

Rewards and Prepaid Management

Create personalised reward offers that will encourage your audiences.

Those include discounts, points, gift cards, cash-backs, giveaways and vouchers. 

Your rewards can be applied to the whole shopping cart or on selected products.

Enjoy the easy to use and powerful Switch-On platform that functions as an extensive reward library with many schemes and patterns to choose from.



Programme Partners

Data Hub


Program Partners Data Hub


Stay connected and integrated with your loyalty programme partners.


The Switch-On platform provides multiple API’s, enabling a seamless integration with Banks, e-mail and SMS gateways, Airlines and any other Loyalty Partners you would like to onboard. 



Administration, Monitoring & Reporting


Administration, Monitoring & Reporting

Switch-On  guarantees real-time processing of all loyalty transactions from all customer touch-points.


The platform serves as an extensive database integrator for products and shops involved.
A solution designed to support black-lists administration; ensuring constant monitoring of loyalty programme members’ activity. All types of anomalies are  reported instantly to you via alarms & notifications before causing any damage. 



Customer Service



Customer Service Application

Our Contact Centre application was designed specifically to facilitate processes related to the support of loyalty programme members.


With in the application, you can communicate with customers in real-time, as well as managing their data. It involves following a multi-step approval procedure for selected actions performed by Contact Centre agents.

Benefits for Customers
  • Receive personalised offers at the right time, on the right products and based on location

  • Access to exciting offers depending on Loyalty Segment

  • Receive surprise gifts depending on shopping behaviour

  • Access to rewards and discounts with each purchase

  • Enjoy the convenience of using your preferred channel, mobile, card or e-mail

  • Online access to loyalty accounts via Mobile or Member Portal

  • Manage personal preferences and permissions

Get Recognised | Get more | Pay Less

Benefits for Businesses

  • Personalise
    Improve customer experience  with personalised offers to achieve faster and better business results

  • Effective Acquisition
    Increase customer base quality and reduce acquisition costs with seamless onboarding  

  • Differentiate
    Better understand customers’ needs and preferences based on location, product, time and channel basis in real-time

  • Ease of use
    Define even the most complex loyalty programme rules without specialised knowledge or IT expertise

  • Be in-touch
    Communicate through multiple channels effectively at all times

  • Happy Customers
    Engage and reward the most dedicated clients to maximise customer satisfaction 

  • Stronger Market Position
    Shift purchasing behaviour from competitors to your own business

  • Lift
    Increase spending per visit

  • Retain
    Prevent customers from defecting  

  • Leverage
    Effective cross-promotions

  • Save
    Sharing marketing costs with other Partners

  • Re-activate
    Targeted campaigns to negatively migrating customers

  • Shift
    Make special offers on high margin products

  • One Single Robust Platform for All
    Run multiple loyalty programmes for your Retail Customers, SME, Corporate Customers and your Employees simultaneously 

Up to 20% drop of Churn Customers

3 cups


25%+ increase in number of products placed in basket

Over 18% response rate to direct marketing segment campaigns (sector avg. 5-8%)

35%+ increase in basket size revenues for retailers

Up to 40% YoY increase in retaining upper segment customers

Proven Results

Proven Results

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