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Programme Management Support


No need to worry about internal resource allocation for running your loyalty programme

ExtraLoyalty experts are ready to help you manage your day-to-day customer engagement and loyalty operations

Our loyalty programme managers coordinate your loyalty programme by performing platform administration, campaign design and management as well as providing training and expert guidance to your teams

Key Benefits

  • You will be ready in no time with your loyalty programme set-up

  • Daily operations will take much less time to execute, meaning more time create!

  • Expert support and ideas will boost your responsiveness to market

  • Access to an expert pool of resources

  • Operational costs will be optimised by utilsing expert support

More time for creativity



Programme Configuration and Management 

Programme Configuration and Support

  • Loyalty programme rule-sets definition

  • Reward definitions for bonus, prepaid cards, vouchers, gift card and cashback mechanisms

  • Individual customer and Corporate Customer set-up

  • Pre-set campaign definitions

  • Customer segments and target list set-up

  • Product and store hierarchy updates, checks and controls

  • Black list product review and update checks

  • Points expiration rules as well as points transferring definitions

  • Omni-channel testing of rules and target lists

  • User management authorisations set-up and admin



Partner & 3rd Party Management

Partner & 3rd Management

  • Integration of new partners into the programme

  • Reporting of settlements between partners

  • Handling relationships with strategic partners



Campaign Management Support

​Campaign Management Support

  • Campaign definitions

  • Omni-channel marketing campaigns execution

  • Campaign communication testing: A/B tests, control groups and technical tests

  • Campaign performance tracking

  • Recommendations and advisory services based on customer behaviour analysis



Programme Performance

Monitoring & Reporting

Program Performance Monitoring & Reporting

  • Overall programme KPI monitoringReport template layouts, contents and enhancements advice

  • Ad-hoc reports generation, In case ExtraLoyalty BI is in use

  • Data visualisation and management reporting

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