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Keep the intelligence outside of an ERP. It belongs in a Business
Intelligence and Analytics space!

Data Analytics Services

We bring marketers a comprehensive understanding of their customers, help them improve targeting, relevance and attribution by,

understanding the path-to-purchase 

uncovering purchase intents early and 

identifying causal effects of multi-channel behavior

Insight Driven Decision Making

Achieve single view of customer

Aggregate information from analytics, metrics, enterprise and social data

Predict future behavior 

Recognize retention drivers, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Close the loop on marketing ROI

Personalize every message, measure campaign lift and channel performance

Advanced Analytics Services


  • Segmentation

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Churn/Attrition

  • RFM 

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Recommendation


  • Market Mix Modelling

  • Propensity

  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

  • Market Basket

  • Store Segmentation

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Channel Optimization

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