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Create tangible value by putting customer insight into every action

Customer Experience Design Services

We help our clients succeed by transforming the building blocks of customer-driven insights through which our clients solve problems and identify opportunities by:

Designing a customer experience that is differentiated and tailored to meet customer needs

Delivering on the promises they make by building capabilities to optimize customer interactions at every touch point

Redirecting our clients' focus to put customers and employees first. 


We suggest a  3 steps approach to address each loyalty project:

Step 1: Explore the Solution Space and Strategic Options

Before engaging in serious time and money investment for the Loyalty Program and Platform Infrastructure, we fully understand and agree what we see as viable roads

Step 2: Develop High Level Business Case

Our clients need to make sure all major Loyalty Design requirements are addressed fully and the team can overcome all major implementation hurdles, and understand costs and operational issues involved


By building the business case we will automatically have to address the major revenue drivers and cost items and will have to draw the major workflows

Step 3: Develop implementation Plan

With the go ahead of our client, we cover:


Choosing the right infrastructure for the preferred solution and content


The Loyalty Solution business and technical implementation details in line with our client’s “Loyalty Conceptual Design Document”


Implementation timelines, deliverable and final costs for the chosen platform

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